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Hi, Everyone,

Here are two issues/topics that arose from our discussion of motivation & mastery, which I invite you to pursue.

  • Brainstorm this in-class activity: Shu mentioned in class that she was motivated to learn how to do literary interpretation because she was able, right at the start, to experience some of the most gratifying aspects of it. What is an activity we could have students new to university English classes do that would allow them to experience the fun of something we do in literary studies? In other words, can you isolate a component of something like close reading or writing a lit essay that is pretty fun or gratifying and then think of an in-class activity that enables our students to reach that affective goal?

  • Describe this kind of personal experience and reflect on it: Think about a time when you tried to do something that didn’t come easily or quickly. Did you stick with it, or did you give it up? After you’ve described the experience, reflect on what about the experience motivated you or sapped your motivation, using the concepts that Ambrose et al. have given us to think about in terms of goals/values/expectancies/environment.

Have a great week,


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