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Aims of the course blog: The course blog is meant to be a space of reflection (on the readings, on other blog posts) and self-reflection (as a teacher, as a learner). It provides a platform to think about what we’ve read and talked about away from what can be the fast pace of class—and of course as English people a lot of our thinking takes place as we write. Just as important as writing your own posts will be reading the posts of your classmates.

Three options for what you can do in a blog post [we’ll see if want to add to the options as the course goes on]

Each week there will be a question or two that grows out of class. These will be posted on the blog by Saturday morning for you to respond to (timeframe: you will have up until nine days after it’s posted to respond to it).

  • Use a blog post to reflect on a reading or set of readings (time frame: do so any time before we discuss the reading or up to nine days after the day it was assigned). Some questions to spur reflection:
  • What was the most interesting or surprising aspect of this reading and why? How does this affect how you think about teaching and learning? Does it change your ideas about what makes a successful teacher or learner or shed light on past experiences you’ve had teaching or learning? If you’re writing about a reading we discussed in class, make sure you don’t repeat what’s already been said. 
  • Or devote a blog post to describing an assignment, in-class activity, or classroom strategy that was inspired by your reading. Feel free to modify something you’ve done in the past, but make it clear what about it changed because of the reading.



+Please post five times over the course of the term.

+Length of a blog post: 350-700 words (1-2 pp, double-spaced, in a Word document)

+In an effort to encourage you to spread your posts out over the term, we ask you to have posted at least twice by March 1, and you can post only one (for credit) the last week of class.

+Individual blog posts will not be individually graded, but Nancy and Faye will read them with great interest, and we’ll try to integrate them into class discussion. If you post five good posts, you’ll receive an “A” for this part of the grade; four posts will garner a “B,” etc.

+Please keep up with the blog, setting aside time before each class to read over your classmates’ posts.

+Please type your name at the bottom of your blog posts, so we know who wrote it.


Request:  Please comment on your colleagues’ posts even if it’s just to offer a word of encouragement. Or ask a question or register (civilly) a disagreement or otherwise share what the post made you think about.


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